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Trying to get back into the swing of posting by uploading some more sketches. Some of these may be re-runs from stuff I've posted of FA.
First I have some figure-drawing practice. I was using a book called "The Human Figure-A Photographic Reference for Artists" by Erik A. Ruby. This book just has a bunch of photos of life-drawing models. So just for practice on various poses and for the human figure, I drew from some of these photos. It's like a poor-man's life drawing, I suppose.

Some really awkward horse character I doodled while watching one of those late-night court T.V. shows. I designed her based off the defendant who let her pitbull mixes and her German Shepherd run loose and maul the other neighborhood dogs.
And she's interacting with Reynard, who does not know how to take this apparently. And she's looking a bit whorish too, I think.

Also this....

Based off of this animation-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms2klX-puUU
... because it is an awesome animation, which never fails to make me smile and my friends and I have watched it so many times we have half of the song memorized.

Also, updates on my kitten. Over FA, I mentioned that our new kitten Mashiko became sick. The vets said they didn't know what she had, but from the symptoms (listlessness and fever) one of the possibilities was FIP, which is fatal. We gave her antibiotics, which the vet had provided and she started getting better. Now she's pretty much fully recovered and we found out that what she has was pneumonia.

And here's a picture of her....

Yep... I put a shit-ton of stuff down here for this post. How delightful.

Resurrecting The LiveJournal

Well... I'm back, I think. And I'll be trying to resurrect my livejournal account now.

And just for the opening here's some awkward sketch I did while I was bored at 5:00AM.

This was pretty much based off of a conversation I had with friends. We were talking about how annoying it was that in a lot of pictures on DA (I'm kind of on a "I'm really bitter and pissed at DA right now" phase) and in many webcomics men are so pathetically horny that their noses burst into streams of blood whenever they catch sight of BOOBIES!
Of course, it never helps that usually in these same pictures and comics women are just walking, talking props for large, bouncing, unnatural breasts.
THANK YOU, ANIMU! Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the "art" of wannabe Japanese folk!